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Core Values

Our work is built on two decades of experience.

We invest and target funding where it has the biggest difference:

  • We enhance the health and life chances of children and their communities through the provision of clean water, safe toilets and hygiene education.
  • We inspire local businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs to use their skills and experience to end their country’s dependence on aid.

We work with communities, local government, NGOs and businesses to make sure we are coordinated.

Our core values are:

Investing in future generations: WASH, education and health

We deliver access to improved water and sanitation services, plus vital hygiene and sanitation education. This has direct and positive impacts on school attendance for boys and girls, increased learning retention and performance, and higher productivity and improved health for the entire community.

Entrepreneurship and stimulating local economies

To increase community self-sufficiency, we support entrepreneurs to build, repair and sell, stimulate local economies and create opportunities from which livelihoods can develop. Our evidence is that communities and individuals can afford and maintain their pumps as income is generated as a result of access to safe water.

Supporting communities in the long term

Our commitment does not end when the pump is built; instead it continues beyond this. We stand alongside communities for the long-term providing skills training to community members for local, sustainable support, and expanding economic and social opportunities associated with water and sanitation solutions.

Self-reliance and ending aid dependency

We treat people as customers, not beneficiaries, with opportunities to self-invest in pumps. We support the establishment of small businesses where entrepreneurs can strengthen livelihoods and provide sustainable access to convenient sources of clean, safe water for communities, promoting independence.

Programmes shaped by evidence and learning

Understanding how ‘what we do’ affects the impacts of our programmes is vital to our future success. Through robust monitoring and evaluation, we can deliver the most effective programmes possible. Our findings are shared with peers in the WASH sector to enhance learning and build upon best practices.

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