Women and girls in Malawi are making millions of wasted journeys. just for clean water.

One Million Wasted Journeys

You may remember our One Million Wasted Journeys campaign, which we launched in conjunction with the 2021 Big Give Christmas Challenge. Our ambassador, Corinne Bailey Rae, helped us produce this video for the campaign.

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The problem in Malawi


Up to 50% of community water points are in a state of disrepair – either dispensing poor quality or limited water, or none at all, impacting the communities that rely on them.


The journey to the pump, and the journey back. Up to six kilometres every day – just for water. Women are relied on enormously by their families and communities to collect water – and it’s often daughters who have to help.


The time it takes to reach a safe water source could be better spent, contributing to high school drop-out rates. Less than 25% of girls complete their secondary education in Malawi.

Our Solution

We train water entrepreneurs to become skilled mechanics, carrying out community pump repairs and restoring broken investments.

More working pumps means women and girls make less journeys and can spend their time on more important things.


Education for girls

Less time spent collecting water is more time for school, allowing girls to gain an education and better their opportunities.

Women's empowerment

Women are given the opportunity to take on a traditionally male role, giving them financial independence.

Healthier communities

Safe water is the foundation of health, and a convenient source is essential for regular handwashing, preventing illness and disease

How You Can Help

You can end ten million wasted journeys for women and girls in Malawi. There are a multitude of ways to get involved, whether making a donation, organising a fundraiser or helping to spread the word. Every contribution matters.