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Fundraising can bring a community together with a shared vision, instilling teamwork whilst contributing to a worthy cause.

We encourage schools, universities, social clubs, rotary groups and faith groups to use collective action to bring about change. Whether it’s a sporting event, cake sale or a quiz night; we appreciate any donations that you can collect. Together, let’s make a difference!


Plan a society fundraiser (Photographed: Plymouth University Hockey team)
Run for us (Photographed: John Connelly – Budapest Half Marathon)
Cycle for us (Photographed: Alan Roy)
Host a bake sale (Photographed: Loughborough University)
Bucket collection (Photographed: Harrogate Street Collection St John Fishers School Business Team)
Choose your own fundraising challenge!

You could set up a fundraising page to collect your fundraising donations or donate directly through our website.

Connect with us on social media or via our newsletter to find out how your fundraising efforts create a positive social impact in Malawi.

If you would like to request fundraising materials we would be happy to help, please get in touch at

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