Corporate Partners

We work with corporates, big and small, to create lasting impact

Did you know?

The World Health Organisation estimates that for every £1 invested in water and sanitation, there is an economic return of £4 by keeping people healthy and productive.


Charity partnerships can become integral to a private sector organisation’s brand, reinforcing your values and how your customer base views you. It’s important for corporates to choose a charity with high impact and great stories that will resonate with their staff and customers – that’s where we come in.

There has been a huge shift in the last decade, as corporates are now expected to emphasise CSR and ESG, and partnering with a charity can demonstrate to stakeholders and customers that your business is committed to doing good. This ultimately can raise your brand’s reputation, instil a sense of trust with your customers, and boost staff morale and retention. 

We understand this, and that’s why we offer tailored partnerships. We can send you stories focussing on a specific area relevant to your brand, or regular updates on all of our programmes, demonstrating the impact of our partnership which can be showcased to staff and customers.


What We can Do for you

  • Provide content, including, photos and video, for use on social media and website
  • The use of our logo on products/website
  • Deliver a presentation or webinar on our work or a specific project
  • Facilitate a project visit in Malawi
  • Personalised impact reports
  • Be listed on our partners page

What you can do for us

  • Flexible partnership agreement tailored to your business
  • Staff fundraising through challenges
  • Payroll giving, where you can donate a portion of your gross wages, costing you less to give more.