Household Water

Making safe water convenient and accessible

Water is essential for health, and for us to use it when we need to – to stay hydrated, and regularly wash our hands – it needs to be convenient. Some villages are simply too far away from their community water points, and our research showed that people wanted to invest in their own assets. 


We want to give rural Malawians a choice. A choice to invest, to choose their investment and to choose how they use it. Our household pump is a simple rope and washer design with covering, which prevents contamination. These can be installed by our water entrepreneurs at the owners choosing; whether just outside their home, or in a central point in the village.


This reduces demand and wear on community water points meaning less queues for those who use them, and eliminating the need to queue altogether for the households that own the pump. The investment relieves women and girls of an enormous burden, which means they have more time with family, to go to school and to make a living. 



People can make a choice as to what they own, and look after their assets


Women have more time with more convenient access to water


Pump is easy to use and maintain, and spare parts can be sourced locally


Clean and safe water for hard to reach communities

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