Global handwashing day campaign

For our Global Handwashing Day campaign, 15th October 2023, you can help us share our message about the importance of improving hygiene and sanitation in communities in Malawi.

Encouraging children to practice good hygiene behaviour which they can share with their families to improve overall community health is an important part of our work to promote handwashing at preschools in Malawi.

We have seen first-hand that many of the interventions we support at CBCC level filter down to household levels i.e. kitchen gardens, covered latrines and soap. The uptake of these activities in communities demonstrates a change in behaviour as community members deem them more important and invest time and money into them.

Our work has encouraged the practice of handwashing using soap through community waterpoint repairs to increase clean water access and prevent the spread of disease in vulnerable rural areas with limited healthcare.

As a core part of our pre-school and community programme, we have always recognised the importance of hygiene behaviour training, especially handwashing, in improving health and helping children and communities to build greater resilience to disease.

Over the last 25 years, our life-changing programmes have provided access to safe, clean water to over 10,000 communities and 1.9 million people. With your help, we can achieve more.

If you want to fundraise or donate to our global handwashing day campaign, please contact us on for more information. With your support, we can provide more preschools and communities with water and soap to keep them healthy.