Water Entrepreneurs

empowering entrepreneurs: building prosperity in malawi

At Pump Aid, we are committed to creating economic opportunities to improve livelihoods for Malawians through the establishment of small-scale businesses. Central to this is our training programme for water entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

We recognise the pivotal role women play in promoting social change within households and underserved communities in rural Malawi. By empowering women, we unleash their potential, driving positive impact at both the individual and community levels.

Pump Mechanic Solofina Wilfred showing spare parts that will be used to ensure community waterpoint functionality

Empowering entrepreneurs for sustainable impact

As part of this mission, we have developed a comprehensive training programme that empowers budding entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact.

Local Malawians acquire the technical skills essential for the installation, repair, and maintenance of various water pumps. Through hands-on training and guidance, participants gain the expertise needed to establish and operate their own small-scale businesses.

To ensure their success, we equip entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and safety equipment, empowering them to implement their knowledge effectively. We facilitate visits to our own workshop in Lilongwe, providing invaluable practical experience.

Building Skills for Sustainable Water Solutions

Our comprehensive business training programme covers sales, marketing, bookkeeping, networking, and negotiation, enabling entrepreneurs to establish and maintain viable water access ventures. Through ongoing mentoring and support, we ensure their continued growth and success, fostering sustainable businesses that contribute to the functionality and longevity of water points in their communities. 

“We would sometimes go to open streams in search of water for our daily activities such as drinking and cooking. Now we are dancing to a new song and drinking safe and clean water unlike before” Florence Joe, resident of Totomoyo village, after their broken pump was fully repaired



Small-scale businesses established


Women have the opportunity to take on a traditionally male role


A system is created for ongoing repair and maintenance


Clean and safe water for hard to reach communities

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