Pre-School Health

Water for early years development

Community based childcare centres (CBCCs) are pre-school nurseries in Malawi. They provide early years education and childcare for children under 5, providing respite for parents to catch up on work on chores, as well as preparing young children for school and allowing them develop their social and cognitive skills with their peers. 

Of Malawi’s 9,000 CBCCs, only a quarter of these have water access, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities. This exposes thousands of children under 5 to water borne diseases and malnutrition.

Pre-school is an essential way education and for life. Without water, children cannot stay hydrated, hindering their ability to learn and play. A lack of toilets means that open defecation is common in Malawi’s CBCCs, reducing the risk of illness in children. 

Our approach

We work with CBCCs to install safe and sustainable WASH facilities, including a water point, toilets and handwashing station. We work with the CBCC for a further two years to help establish kitchen gardens, management committees and hygiene behaviour change.



Children can learn and play in a sanitary environment


Caregivers can spend more time teaching


Children learn essential hygiene behaviour during their formative years


Supporting children’s cognitive development

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