Pre-School Health

Water for early years development

Community based childcare centres (CBCCs) in Malawi play a crucial role in providing early years education, healthcare, and childcare for children under 5, granting parents respite whilst children prepare for school through social and cognitive development among peers.

Out of the 9,000 CBCCs in Malawi, a mere 25% have access to essential water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities. The lack of toilets at CBCCs contributes to widespread open defecation, posing significant health risks, exposing communities to waterborne diseases and malnutrition.

At Pump Aid, we are committed to transforming CBCCs by ensuring access to clean water and improved sanitation. By implementing comprehensive WASH facilities, we can create a safe and hygienic environment that promotes the wellbeing of children and invests in their future.

Our approach to pre-school health

At Pump Aid, we collaborate with CBCCs to establish safe WASH facilities, comprising essential components such as waterpoints, toilets and handwashing stations. Additionally, we assist in the establishment of kitchen gardens, management committees, and initiatives promoting hygiene behaviour change.

Recognising that CBCCs are a direct entry point for addressing health and nutrition issues for children under 5, we prioritise Early Years Development. By improving the foundational stages of a child’s life, we pave the way for enhanced education, improved health and wellbeing, and greater economic productivity, ultimately benefitting society as a whole. 

“We used to draw water from a communal borehole 700 metres away from the CBCC, but now we have readily available water for washing hands, cleaning and more. It couldn’t be any better!” 

Loveness Kayison, vice-chair of the Chipapasa CBCC committee



Children can learn and play in a healthy environment


Caregivers can spend more time teaching


Children learn essential hygiene behaviour during their formative years


Supporting children’s cognitive development

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