Charity Challenges

Take on a challenge for a worthy cause







Is 2023 the year you take on charity challenges? Perhaps you’ve needed a reason to start that couch to 5K programme, or maybe Mount Snowdon has been on your bucket list for some time.

Whether it’s a bungee jump, a cycling challenge, or a walk in the park, you can conquer a fear, discover a new passion, or simply have fun with friends, all while raising money and awareness for Pump Aid, an award-winning water charity in Malawi.

Charity challenges can be done solo or with friends, work colleagues or your community. And it couldn’t be easier! Check out our fundraising pack for some inspiration.

Step 1: Choose your challenge

Download our fundraising pack above.

Step 2: Choose a date

Now you can save the date, and book your challenge.

Step 3: Spread the word

Set up a fundraising page on GoFundMe and tell your story on social media.

Step 4: Challenge time

If you can, document your challenge with photos as we would love to see them.

Step 5: Celebrate

Give yourself a pat on the back, because you did it!

Step 6: Donate

Make sure you thank your donors and sponsors and update them on your challenge and how much was raised and send your donations to us.

Let us know you're fundraising

Drop us a line at and let us know what you’re thinking of doing and when; we can send you t-shirts and offer some support.