Beyond Water

It was established in 2018 by Pump Aid as a social enterprise to provide business-led solutions to transform access to water for household, community and irrigation needs in Malawi. It provides:

Professional repair and maintenance for community pumps
Restoring broken investments and giving rural populations sustainable access to safe water. Bringing local pump functionality up to c90%.
Low-cost user centred pump sales
Offering people choice and the chance to invest in their own water supplies. Improving convenience, health and crop productivity at home and farm.

There is a water crisis in Malawi.

Despite plentiful reserves of groundwater in Malawi, up to 50% of the population does not have access to safe reliable water. Additionally, much of the population are dependent on small-scale farming, yet only 11% of farmers use irrigation. Our research shows many Malawians want their own water supplies, and have the means to invest.

Why a social enterprise?

Despite receiving billions of dollars in foreign aid, Malawi remains one of the poorest countries in the world, dependent on aid.  

Our research shows rural communities in Malawi wanted products and services they valued for convenience, health, and productivity.

After receiving advice from social enterprise specialists, we knew we could be part of the solution to deliver what people wanted and could invest in. 

As a result, we established a social enterprise, our ‘brand’ separates us from charities and NGOs. This fosters empowerment; giving Malawians a choice. 

our Approach

Low-cost pump investment

We sell low-cost hand pumps to rural Malawians at a rate they can afford. Investment means ownership over assets, and people take care of their assets. 

Household Pump

This pump is designed for domestic use – complete with a covering to prevent contamination. It draws water from the ground and can be installed in the neighbourhood or even on the buyer’s doorstep. The household pump reduces distances travelled for clean water from 500m to 11m. 

Irrigation Pump

The irrigation pump allows farmers to use Malawi’s plentiful groundwater reserve to generate a year-round harvest – even through the long dry season. This can be installed on site and comes with a hose attachment so there is less physical input needed. Farmers usually increase crop production by at least 100% in their first year irrigating with this pump.

Professionalised repair & maintenance

Up to 50% of community water pumps in Malawi are non-functional. Our repair and maintenance service restores these investments and secures access to water for rural populations over the long term.

Our repair and maintenance service develops licensing agreements with District Councils to establish regular service schedules, repairs within a fixed time frame, uptime performance, guaranteed payments for pump mechanics and support to communities for day to day water point management.

Our approach incentivizes stakeholders to ensure pump functionality.


Sustainable jobs created, helping local livelihoods

Local economy stimulated with affordable products and services

Sustainable access to water for rural communities

Food security for farmers who can harvest year-round

Health and hygiene from access to safe water supply

Women and girls can spend less time collecting water


By 2026 out target is a Professionalised Repair and Maintenance service in at least 10 Districts of Malawi, with pumps sales covering half of the country.

By 2030 we aim to have nationwide presence across Malawi.

Project Evaluations