Trusts & Foundations

Trusts and foundations are a core part of funding the work we do to make sustainable change

Trusts and foundations play a pivotal role in funding our mission and driving sustainable change. With their support, we can continue our efforts to end water poverty in Malawi by 2030. Our approach focuses on creating local employment opportunities through the manufacturing of pumps within Malawi, supporting businesses that generate income for sustainable livelihoods, and training mechanics who reside in the communities they serve, ensuring the longevity of their skills for future generations. By establishing local income streams and promoting ownership, we believe in the most sustainable means of uplifting marginalised communities and breaking the cycle of aid dependency in Malawi. The support from trusts and foundations enables us to make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need.

Trusts and foundations who support pump aid

Making a Difference

We understand that each funder may have specific interests and priorities, which is why we offer the choice to support a particular project or area of work that aligns with their mission. Alternatively, trusts and foundations can provide us with an unrestricted grant, allowing us to allocate resources to the areas that are most in need and have the greatest impact. We value the partnership with trusts and foundations and strive to ensure that their support is effectively used to address water poverty and make a lasting difference in the communities we serve.

Award winning work

Did you know that we were the winners of the International Aid and Development Award at the 2017 UK Charity Awards, finalists in the AidEx 2017 Aid Innovation Challenge and the 2018 Bond Innovation Award? We were also shortlisted for the 2022 UK Charity Awards.

“Pump Aid’s approach is commercially sustainable with good engagement at different levels of local governance and a degree of local ownership far more than we often see from INGOs.”

Ruth Davison – Judge, UK Charity Awards