Trusts & Foundations

Trusts and foundations are a core part of funding the work we do to make sustainable change

With funding from trusts and foundations, we are able to continue our work in our efforts to end water poverty by 2030.

Pump Aid’s pumps are all made in Malawi – creating employment; the businesses we support are generating income – sustaining livelihoods; and the mechanics we train live and work in their communities – so the skills they have learned will be there for generations to come. Creating local income streams and incentivising ownership are by far the most sustainable ways of lifting Malawi’s marginalised communities out of poverty and the only means by which they can ultimately be freed from aid dependency. 

Making a Difference

Our work has evolved based on experience and learning due to funding from trusts and foundations. We offer choice to funders to help a specific project or area of work, or your trust or foundation can provide us with an unrestricted grant to spend in areas most in need.


Did you know that we were the winners of the International Aid and Development Award at the 2017 UK Charity Awards, finalists in the AidEx 2017 Aid Innovation Challenge and the 2018 Bond Innovation Award? We were also shortlisted for the 2022 UK Charity Awards.

Over the last twenty years, over 10,000 communities and 1.9 million people have been given access to safe, clean water thanks to our life-changing programmes.