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We were winners of the International Aid and Development Award at the 2017 UK Charity Awards, finalists in the AidEx 2017 Aid Innovation Challenge and the 2018 Bond Innovation Award.  Our award-winning work would not be possible without grants.

Trusts and foundations are a core part of funding the work we do to a make a sustainable difference to the lives of rural Malawians. Thank you to Waterloo Foundation, Medicor Foundation, James Percy Foundation, Vibrant Village Foundation, Charles Hayward and all our other generous supporters.

Are you a trust or foundation looking to bring safe water closer to home and end aid dependency?

With your financial contributions, you can choose to help a specific project or area of work or provide us with an unrestricted grant to spend in areas most in need.

Your contribution could help us to achieve the following:

  • Help more children to go to school
  • Reduce the distances women walk to collect water
  • Enable farmers to grow more food to reduce food insecurity
  • Provide opportunities for pump mechanics to develop successful businesses
  • Putting an end to aid dependency in rural Malawi for good

In return, we can offer you updates including photos and case studies to demonstrate the long-lasting impact that your grant makes.

If your trust or foundation would like further information of how to donate to Pump Aid, please get in touch at

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