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'Breaking the Cycle: Water Poverty and Empowering Women and Girls in Malawi' won in Smiley Charity Film Awards.

Tune in and listen here to discover the incredible work of Pump Aid as we strive to bring sustainable water access to communities in Malawi.

Michael Chuter, the Chief Executive of Pump Aid, joins Charity Talks Podcast in a discussion of out work.

Learn how Pump Aid’s work in Malawi has evolved to take the form of the delivery model best known among commercial retailers.

Read more about our work and join us in our mission to alleviate water poverty.

Read more about what we're doing to end water poverty in Malawi, using a business approach.

Giving Tuesday celebrates generosity and kindness every year, with many charities and organisations taking it upon themselves to spread goodness far and wide – Pump Aid are no exception.

Learn more about how organisations like Pump Aid are providing clean water access to areas in need in Pump & Systems magazine.

Did you know that the lack of clean water and sanitation facilities in Malawi directly affects the lives of girls and women during their menstrual cycles?

Read about some of Pump Aid's inspiring Area Mechanics and how their repair and maintenance service improves safe water access in Malawi.

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