Community Pump Repairs

water access is a critical issue in malawi

There are more than 126,000 community water pumps in Malawi, and up to 50% of these are non-functional at any given time, leaving millions with restricted or no access to water. This problem disproportionately affects women and girls, who bear the brunt of water collection, and make millions of wasted journeys of up to 6km every day, just to reach safe water.

Only half of Malawi's community water points are fully functioning

our solution to water access in isolated communities

Malawi’s water crisis persists despite the abundance of groundwater reserves. Recognising the limitations of installing new community water pumps as a temporary solution, Pump Aid is committed to a more sustainable solution.

Our team identifies non functional water pumps and uses our network of skilled water entrepreneurs to repair and regularly maintain them, ensuring their long-term functionality for the communities they serve. By restoring these investments, we not only address the immediate water needs but also create livelihood opportunities for mechanics who can earn a living through pump repairs and establish service contracts with local authorities. Through our efforts, we strive to provide lasting solutions that empower communities and foster self-reliance in overcoming the water crisis in Malawi.

“We would sometimes go to open streams in search of water for our daily activities such as drinking and cooking. Now we are dancing to a new song and drinking safe and clean water unlike before” Florence Joe, resident of Totomoyo village, after their broken pump was fully repaired



Supporting water entrepreneurs to repair pumps


Women and girls have more time to go to school and earn a living


Existing investments repaired and regularly maintained 


Clean and safe water for hard to reach communities

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