Irrigation Pumps

Cultivating resilience and prosperity

In a country where 80% of the population depends on subsistence farming, only 11% use irrigation methods to water their crops. The reliance on unpredictable rainfall poses a significant challenge for small-scale farmers in Malawi. We are determined to unleash the potential of irrigation by empowering farmers with access an irrigation pump. By promoting the adoption of irrigation technologies, we aim to cultivate resilience and prosperity among farming communities, enabling them to thrive in the face of uncertain climate conditions.

of Malawi's population relies on subsistence farming

of farmers use irrigation, meaning the vast majority rely on Malawi's erratic rainfall

Malawi faces prolonged dry season that poses a significant threat to farmers who depend on their crops for sustenance and livelihoods. However, with irrigation pumps, farmers are able to cultivate and harvest their crops throughout the year, allowing enhanced food security, increased productivity, and a brighter future for their communities.

farmer led investment: a path to sustainable growth in malawi

“Low cost farmer led irrigation is the only way to move away from rural poverty and we must include this technology in our irrigation plans.” Hon Lobin Lowe MP, Malawi Minister of Agriculture

Research shows demand among farmers in Malawi to have the opportunity to invest in their own agricultural supplies, harnessing their capabilities and resources for a brighter future. Recognising this need, we introduced our irrigation pump—an accessible and affordable solution that puts the power back into the hands of rural farmers. By offering our pumps at a subsidised rate, we ensure ownership to drive sustainable growth. Together, we are breaking the cycle of aid dependency, paving the way for a prosperous and self-reliant agricultural landscape in Malawi.

Our irrigation pump: a game changing irrigation solution

This pump is installed by our water entrepreneurs at a convenient place next to the crop. By tapping into the vast underground water reserves, this pump, operated by a single person, efficiently irrigates crops with minimal effort. The impact is remarkable, with farmers experiencing a significant increase in crop turnover, surpassing 100%. This not only ensures food security but also creates opportunities for income generation through surplus crop sales.



Farmers improve crop turnover by 100%


Supports Malawi’s women headed households


Irrigation pump is looked after and maintained

Food Security

Farmers can harvest nutritious food all year round

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