Irrigation Pumps

Cultivating resilience and prosperity

80% of Malawi’s population relies on subsistence farming, yet only 11% use irrigation. This means that the vast majority of small-scale farmers rely on Malawi’s erratic rainfall to water their crops instead of using an irrigation pump.

of Malawi's population relies on subsistence farming

of farmers use irrigation, meaning the vast majority rely on Malawi's erratic rainfall

Located south of the equator, Malawi experiences a dry season spanning months, which is a challenge for farmers who rely on crops for subsistence and livelihoods. But with an irrigation pump, farmers can grow and harvest their crops all year round. 

Self-investment for farmers

We believe ownership and empowerment are key to ending aid dependency in Malawi. After extensive research, we found that farmers wanted an option to invest in their own supplies, and had the means to do so. Our irrigation pump is sold at a subsidised rate that rural farmers can afford, giving them ownership over their assets and making us accountable for our products.

Our irrigation pump

Our solution is a simple rope and washer pump which draws water from the ground reserves. This pump is installed by our water entrepreneurs at a convenient place next to the crop. All it takes is one person to turn the wheel, and water is pumped through the hose, giving the user the ability to irrigate an entire crop with minimal physical effort. Most farmers increase their crop turnover by more than 100% after investing in the irrigation pump, giving them food security and improved livelihoods, as they are able to sell surplus for profit. 



Farmers improve crop turnover by 100%


Supports Malawi’s women headed households


Irrigation pump is looked after and maintained

Food Security

Farmers can harvest nutritious food all year round

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