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Pump Aid is a small charity with a big impact. We have worked with lots of companies and have a strong social media and supporter base. We’ve won serious awards for our ground-breaking work empowering communities and individuals to access water through our innovative enterprise-based programmes.

We understand that companies want to do good and to provide opportunities for profile raising staff and customer engagement.

We enjoy working with companies and are always open to explore innovative and different ways of engagement; co-branding, social media, percentage of product sales, skills sharing, staff volunteering and fundraising to name a few.

What we can do for you

We will work with you to find specific projects and activities to fit your business needs:

  • Creative and innovative ways to show the benefit of your support: personalised impact reports, video diaries, social media content
  • Customer awards and engagement: presentations, certificates, awards
  • Staff engagement opportunities through webinars, video meetings, visits. Showing your staff practically how your support contributed to ESG / CSR objectives
  • Skill sharing: marketing, engineering. Staff projects
  • Staff fundraising opportunities: sport events – marathons, triathlons, cycle rides, parachute jumps

Please contact us if you would like to become a corporate partner, whether your business is big or small we would love to collaborate. To learn more, get in touch at

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