Household Pumps

Bringing water closer to home

Access to water is not just about availability; it’s about convenience. In remote villages where community water points are far away, individuals face challenges in meeting their daily water needs. Recognising this, our research revealed demand among people to invest in their own water assets. With the means to purchase household pumps, they can have water readily available for hydration and regular handwashing. By providing convenient solutions and empowering individuals to take control of their water access, we are fostering self-reliance and improving the overall well-being of communities.

providing choice, ownership and accessibility to clean water

We believe in giving rural Malawians a choice and empowering them to take control of their own water resources. Through extensive research with rural households, we have recognised the importance of providing options for investment, allowing individuals to choose the type of water infrastructure that best suits their needs. Our household pump, a simple rope and washer design with a protective covering, ensures clean and safe water by preventing contamination. 

Our dedicated team of  water entrepreneurs works closely with the owners to install these pumps. By offering this personalised pump investment scheme at an affordable price, we significantly reduce the average distance to a water source from 500 metres to just 11 metres. This approach not only improves access to clean water but also empowers rural communities to shape their own water solutions, fostering a sense of ownership and self-sufficiency. 

Area mechanic Timoteyo Bywell installing a household pump

promoting Sustainability

By providing households with their own household pump, we not only improve access to clean water but also foster sustainability in rural communities. This sustainable solution reduces the demand and wear on community water points leading to shorter queues for those reliant on them and eliminating the need to queue altogether for households with their own pump. As a result, women and girls, who often bear the burden of water collection, experience a significant relief, gaining more time to spend with their families, pursue education, and engage in income-generating activities.



People can make a choice as to what they own, and look after their assets


Women have more time with more convenient access to water


Pump is easy to use and maintain, and spare parts can be sourced locally


Clean and safe water for hard to reach communities

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