Transforming lives through water

our mission is to end water poverty in malawi by 2030 through pump repair and maintenance

Together, we can end water poverty in malawi

Pump Aid directs its efforts towards Malawi, a country facing significant challenges as one of the poorest in the world. Despite having ample groundwater resources, Malawi still grapples with limited access to clean water, which adversely affects health, education, and livelihoods.

Some of our impact to date...

entrepreneurs running profitable businesses
repair and maintenance jobs carried out​
children under 5 with access to safe water
people reached with safe water​

a sustainable solution: Our vision to end water poverty

Enterprise, not aid.

Empowering through enterprise, a paradigm shift from aid to economically sustainable solutions. Incentivising skill development for long lasting impact. Through our Beyond Water social enterprise approach, we can improve rural livelihoods and access to safe water. 

“The effectiveness of Pump Aid’s approach is in its commitment to a more sustainable local market model, as well as in its advocacy to challenge the traditional model of aid.” Sarah Donachie, Deputy Fund Director, UK Aid Direct

Area Mechanic Esther Mdzukulu repairing a community waterpoint in Dowa District
Odetta Mwale using a household pump

Handups, not handouts.

Empowering ownership: our research showed demand by individuals to invest in their own handpumps.

“The good thing was that we were allowed to pay for the pump in instalments, on top of the price being affordable as well. We don’t regret buying because this pump has changed our lives.” Odetta Mwale of Katchumba village, household pump purchaser

independence, not reliance.

Our programmes are designed with sustainability and gender equality at their core, with lasting, locally led solutions to water poverty. 

“A mindset that women can’t do a type of work which was rated as ‘men’s work’ is now realised as wrong and I therefore wish more women could follow my lead.”
Selina Phiri, an area mechanic in Kasungu

Afridev water pump being used by local community members

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As a small charity with an ambitious vision, we rely on your help to make a significant impact. We take pride in our full  audit and accreditation, ensuring transparency and accountability. We are proud that 85% of donations directly fund our life changing programmes in Malawi. 

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85% of all donations go directly to our programmes in Malawi