We are ending water poverty for good.

We are an experienced and innovative water charity

We work in Malawi in southern Africa, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. There is a water crisis in Malawi which affects some of the country’s most isolated and under-served communities, and we are on a mission to end water poverty across the country by 2030. 

Our approach

Enterprise, not aid.

Economic problems require economic solutions. Where skills are needed, there must be an incentive. Through our water entrepreneur initiative, we can simultaenously improve rural livelihoods and access to safe water. 

Hand-ups, not hand-outs.

Malawi has a young and ambitious population. Our research showed that people wanted to invest in their own assets, and have the means to do so. 

Independence, not reliance.

Our programmes are designed with sustainability at their core, with lasting, locally led solutions. 

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Some of our results to date...

entrepreneurs running profitable businesses
children under 5 with access to safe water
repair and maintenance jobs carried out​
people reached with safe water​

How you can help

As a small charity with a big mission, we need your help. We are proud that we spend 90% of donations on our programmes in Malawi. 

Whether you are an individual, corporate or a community group, there are multitude of ways you can join us, whether that’s taking part in a charity challenge or making a donation. 

Not sure where to start? Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date with our current projects and campaigns. 

Drop us an email at fundraising@pumpaid.org if you have any questions and we’d be more than happy to help. 

We only spend 10% of donations on admin and fundraising.

Help us end ten million wasted journeys for women and girls

Water collection is a heavy burden, and one that falls primarily on the shoulders of women and girls. With half of the country’s community water pumps non-functional at any given time, women and girls are having to walk further and further, just for clean water. 

This takes a toll on the lives of women and girls, who make millions of wasted journeys and lose out on opportunities because of it. We are ending ten million wasted journeys for women and girls by repairing broken community water points, and servicing them so that they don’t break again. 

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