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Meet Cambridge Soap Studio, Pump Aid’s latest partnership

Meet Cambridge Soap Studio, Pump Aid’s latest partnership. Cambridge Soap Studio is an ethical business which sells colourful soap and hygiene products to promote clean fun and encourage children to wash their hands. Despite only establishing the business in 2020, its founder Louisa Hutchinson made the decision to donate 10% of her profits to water and sanitation charities each year. This year, Pump Aid was chosen due to our life changing work focusing on water and sanitation for young children and supporting ‘water entrepreneurs’ in Malawi. Access to clean, safe water from an early age is vital to the livelihoods […]

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Beyond Water: Innovate UK supports pioneering approach to household and irrigation water supplies in rural Malawi

Beyond Water is thrilled to be working in partnership with Challenges Group and insider outsider design consultancy and with funding from Innovate UK’s Global Challenge Research Fund, to deepen our understanding of Beyond Water customers and the markets for household and irrigation pumps in rural  Malawi. Beyond Water is unique in Malawi in that it aims to develop markets and financial profitability for low cost water products and services in poor rural communities, as a means to improving health and food security. The aim of the work supported by Innovate UK is to help Beyond Water scale up its market […]

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Thirsty Planet and Pump Aid: A partnership for innovation and sustainability…

Thirsty Planet. One of the UK’s most successful charity water brands, dedicated to encouraging positive action through drinking well and doing good. A donation is made with every bottle sold; inspiring the power of positive drinking. Pump Aid. The award-winning British charity that’s brought improved water, sanitation and hygiene to over 1.5 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. On World Water Day in 2007, a partnership was established between Thirsty Planet, sister brand to Harrogate Spring Water and Pump Aid, the British water, sanitation and hygiene charity. To date, Thirsty Planet has raised a phenomenal £2.3m for Pump Aid, supporting thousands […]

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