Meet Cambridge Soap Studio, Pump Aid’s latest partnership

Meet Cambridge Soap Studio, Pump Aid’s latest partnership. Cambridge Soap Studio is an ethical business which sells colourful soap and hygiene products to promote clean fun and encourage children to wash their hands which aligns with Pump Aid’s vision of health.

Despite only establishing the business in 2020, its founder Louisa Hutchinson made the decision to donate 10% of her profits to water and sanitation charities each year. This year, Pump Aid was chosen by Cambridge Soap Studio due to our life changing work focusing on water and sanitation for young children and supporting ‘water entrepreneurs’ in Malawi.

Access to clean, safe water from an early age is vital to the livelihoods of children. Pump Aid gives children a chance to improve their health by establishing an environment in which they can learn, grow and play. Clean water means under 5s can attend school more often instead of suffering from waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea. In the long term, this increases their life chances of taking a path out of poverty.

Now, during the times of coronavirus it is especially important to promote good hygiene practises in  rural communities in Malawi to keep people safe and reduce the spread of infection. Through installation of water and sanitation facilities at pre-school nurseries and supporting water entrepreneurs, Pump Aid encourages sustainable solutions to water and hygiene poverty.

“Any programme that supports children in learning how to keep themselves healthy and therefore spend more time in the classroom is absolutely something that needs supporting.” Louisa, Cambridge Soap Studio

Cambridge Soap Studio. All products are handmade, cruelty free, vegan and use the most eco-friendly packaging options possible. You can find the full range of Cambridge Soap Studio products on its website. www.cambridgesoapstudio.com

Cambridge Soap Studio and Pump Aid both encourage proper handwashing and hygiene to ensure good health.

At Pump Aid, we enjoy working with entrepreneurs to achieve our strategic mission of promoting water, sanitation and hygiene practices in Malawi. If you are a business looking to establish a partnership with Pump Aid, please contact us at fundraising@pumpaid.org

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