Community Pump Repairs

The problem

There are more than 126,000 community water pumps in Malawi, and up to 50% of these are non-functional at any given time, leaving millions with restricted or no access to water. Women and girls feel the effects of this more than most, as they shoulder much of the burden of water collection, and make millions of wasted journeys of up to 6km every day, just to reach safe water.

Only half of Malawi's community water points are fully functioning

The solution

Malawi has plentiful ground reserves of water, yet the country is still in a water crisis. Installing new community water pumps is a temporary fix, so we focus on a more sustainable solution.

We’re locating broken and malfunctioning water pumps and bringing in our skilled network of water entrepreneurs to repair them, and regularly service them so that they remain functional for the communities that rely on them.

This restores broken investments, and keeps them working. Mechanics can earn a living from repairing pumps, and even enter into service contracts with the local authorities. 



Supporting water entrepreneurs to repair pumps


Women and girls have more time to go to school and earn a living


Existing investments repaired and regularly maintained 


Clean and safe water for hard to reach communities

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