Corporate Partners

We work with corporate partners, big and small, to create lasting impact

The business community holds potential to drive positive change, and through a partnership with Pump Aid, you have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need. As an impactful organisation, we recognize the unique nature of each partnership and take pride in our ability to develop tailored and flexible collaborations.

Whether you are a large or a small business, if our mission and values resonate with you, we invite you to explore the possibilities of partnering with us. Together, we can amplify our efforts and work towards sustainable solutions that address water poverty. To learn more about our partnership opportunities, please contact us at

Types of partnership

Cause related marketing
Aligning your product to a great cause like ours not only creates social impact but can increase sales
Staff challenges
A great opportunity for staff engagement, we can work with you to support a staff fundraiser and give you ideas to maximise your impact.
Strategic Partnerships
Maximise your impact by partnering with us on a multi-year basis to deliver a transformational project centred around areas of shared interest.

Benefits of partnering with us

our partners

"We're really proud to partner with Pump Aid because of their transparency, their mission and that we know they work so hard to ensure that their actions have a lasting and sustainable impact. This means we can be confident that our partnership is having a positive impact on the communities they work with."

Jonny Cottom, Breakbottle founder