One Million Wasted Journeys

Help us end one million wasted journeys for women and girls in Malawi.

wasted journeys.
Limited life chances.
Absence of education.

Did you know wasted journeys are a direct result of water poverty?

Women and girls in Malawi walk up to 6km every day. Not to reach their daily step count, but to collect water for their families. That’s 42km every week – just to be able to meet basic hygiene and sanitation needs.

That means every year, women and girls travel 2190 km to collect water – double the length of Malawi itself, or roughly the distance from London to Morocco.

Malawi's biggest challenge is broken water points. But we can fix that.

Women and girls shoulder the burden of water collection for their families and communities, and have to walk long distances to reach a working water point. Time spent collecting water is time not spent in school.

We want to see women and girls thrive.

That’s why we’re creating opportunity. An opportunity to bring water closer to home. An opportunity to stay in school. An opportunity to become financially independent.

We train pump mechanics to fix and service pumps to make sure they don’t break again.