world water day in malawi

In the 21st Century, it is surely unacceptable for women and girls anywhere to have to choose between going to school or going to work and fetching water, but for far too many women and girls in Malawi this is precisely the choice they must make. It is a choice that leads to many girls failing to complete their education and barely 5% of them going on to university, simply because of the millions of wasted journeys they must make. Wasted journeys, wasted time, and wasted talents. 

Access to safe water doesn’t just improve health of women and girls, it gives them the time they need to finish their education, to earn money for themselves and their families and to look forward to positive and fulfilling futures. Safe water is the key to all of this and, when we repair and maintain water pumps so that they don’t break again, everyone in the community benefits. 

Across the globe, water has been crucial in the fight against COVID-19 and cholera, making the value of water more recognised than ever which is why Pump Aid is taking part in the World Water Day campaign.

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like without clean water?

On World Water Day 22nd March, we highlight the importance of the work we do all year round to improve access to clean water supplies.