Back to School: Empowering Communities through Early Years Education

As the back-to-school season approaches, Pump Aid recognises the vital role of early years education in not only shaping children’s future but also promoting proper water and sanitation practices. In the heart of Malawi’s Dowa District, a powerful partnership is taking shape to address a pressing issue: the health and hygiene of its young children.

One Day’s Wages is partnering with Pump Aid to improve health and hygiene outcomes among young children in Malawi

One Day’s Wages has partnered with Pump Aid to address the urgent need for improved health and hygiene among young children in Dowa District. In each CBCC, Pump Aid will establish a comprehensive water system, complete with a borehole and pump, a handwashing station, and gender-segregated latrines. Additionally, a kitchen garden will be cultivated at each school to enhance and diversify child nutrition. Through our collaborative efforts, a total of 222 children will gain access to clean drinking water, proper handwashing facilities, and a range of nutritious vegetables to complement their school meals.

Building Healthy Habits

Recognising the profound impact of early education, Pump Aid integrates water and sanitation teachings into our CBCC programme. Through interactive and engaging activities, children not only understand the significance of clean water and hygiene but also promote lifelong habits. By embedding these lessons early on, we empower children to prevent the spread of diseases. We understand that lasting change requires community involvement. By collaborating with parents, and community members, we create a shared understanding of the importance of clean water, sanitation, and hygiene practices.

Sanitation for Dignity and Health

Proper sanitation facilities are equally crucial. We support the construction of child-friendly latrines and handwashing stations in schools and communities. These facilities not only uphold dignity and privacy but also educate children about essential sanitation practices, including handwashing techniques. This not only health but also improves attendance rates and enhances overall learning outcomes.

Join Us in Transforming Lives and double your donation with One Day’s Wages

Your support can create a lasting impact on the health and hygiene of Malawian children. Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by One Day’s Wages, effectively doubling the power of your contribution!

Investing in early water and sanitation education isn’t just about improving immediate health; it’s about fostering lasting community growth. By equipping children with knowledge and skills, they become advocates of change within their families and communities. Their influence extends beyond the classroom, shaping behaviour and hygiene norms. Pump Aid’s comprehensive approach empowers communities, breaking the cycle of dependency and cultivating a foundation for long-term development.

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