Transforming Communities with Clean Water: World Health Day

As we celebrate World Health Day, it’s crucial to acknowledge people like William Ziyaye, an area mechanic from Mbingwa village, T/A Kayembe, in the Dowa district of Malawi. William’s story is not just about fixing water pumps; it’s about transforming lives and communities through access to clean and safe water.

“I did not hesitate to accept the opportunity of becoming an area mechanic because I saw this as a way to help my community members and those surrounding to have access to clean and safe water,” shared William.

William understands the impact of clean water on health. “This will reduce the number of people getting water from unprotected water sources, hence reducing the number of people suffering from water-related diseases such as diarrhoea,” he emphasised. For him, being an area mechanic is not just a job; it’s an opportunity to improve the health of his community.

William’s motivation is also about empowerment and economic independence. “I also saw this as a way of sourcing out income and being able to provide for myself and family,” he explained. Through Pump Aid-Beyond Water‘s training, William has acquired valuable skills in installing and maintaining pumps.

“Pump Aid-Beyond Water has helped me a lot because through the training, both area mechanics and business training, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills I did not have before,” William acknowledged.

Area Mechanic William Ziyaye fixing a waterpoint in Dowa District

Today, William is not just a mechanic; he’s a community leader, a provider, and a changemaker. “I am very happy to do this job of installing, maintaining, and repairing pumps in my community as this will give me a reputation and as well as give access to clean and safe water to my fellow community members”.

As we commemorate World Health Day, let’s celebrate William’s story and the countless others like him who are working tirelessly to ensure access to clean water for all. Their dedication and resilience are not just transforming communities; they’re shaping a healthier and brighter future for generations to come.

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