Clean & sustainable water

In 2021, we expanded our water entrepreneur initiative into the district of Dowa in Malawi. Since then, our hardworking mechanics like Maggie and Esther have been repairing and maintaining community water pumps to provide clean and sustainable water.

The water point committee and the pump mechanic

One such pump was Chigoma borehole, located in the traditional authority of Chakhadza. Without a repair and maintenance network, the pump repeatedly broke down which is unsustainable.

This had a profound effect on women and girls in the community. With the responsibility of collecting clean water collection mainly falling on them, they had to walk further afield to reach a working pump; sometimes up to 2 kilometres to get clean water.

There were times when we had to get water from the swamps due to lack of access to clean and safe water. It was a painful experience because we had to travel a distance almost 1 kilometer for unclean water.

Eliza Tembo

Even then, the water was not necessarily safe. Open water sources are vulnerable to contamination which can cause sickness to anyone who drinks it. In many cases, these illnesses are quite severe.

Members of the community heard about an area mechanic who was entering into contractual agreements with water point committees, and decided to learn more.

Pump mechanic Joseph paid a visit to Chigoma borehole and got to work on a repair. And as a result, the village had local, clean water once again. They have since entered into a contractual agreement with Joseph, who will be able to service the pump, and spot faults before they break to ensure a clean and sustainable water supply.

Chigoma is one of 441 boreholes in Dowa that are now regularly serviced and repaired by a network of 26 mechanics. But that’s not all. After a year of operation, we are already seeing some fantastic results across the district.


people benefitting from reliable
and safe water


average increase in
income for mechanics


repair and maintenance
jobs carried out


low-cost pumps sold
in the region

These are great results after less than two years of operation in the district. With thanks to the Waterloo Foundation for funding our move into Dowa, and to all our supporters for continually making outcomes such as these possible.

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