Empowering Women: The Creative Income Generating Activity at Kamkwiyo Water Point

The drive to stop the spread of waterborne diseases inspired people of Kamkwiyo Village in the Area of Senior Chief Kayembe of Dowa, to initiate an Income Generating Activity to ensure access to clean and safe water for all, despite their varying financial statuses.

The women of Kamkwiyo took the lead as water is the most frequently used resource among them in ensuring good health of their families and productivity in society. 

Members of Kamkwiyo waterpoint committee

After we saw that a lot of villagers couldn’t afford to contribute K500.00 each a month for the Direct Contract in Professionalised Repair and Maintenance of Boreholes, we decided to invest in a simple community kitchen garden close to Kamkwiyo Water Point to water the crops. We then sell the crops and use the money to renew our Direct Contracts while sustaining good health of our families through reliable access to safe and clean water

Group Village Head Woman Grace Kamende of Kamkwiyo Village.
Backyard kitchen garden opened by Kamkwiyo waterpoint committee

According to Chairperson for Kamkwiyo Water Point Committee, Alfonsina Sitima, “Another important thing about this community garden is that it has helped reduce stigma amongst us as none of us feels less important anymore because they can’t contribute cash as it was before. This time we all equally contribute to the Direct Contract for Professionalised Repair and Maintenance (PRM) of our Afridev Pump simply by planting, watering, or weeding in the garden, something that does not require contributing hard cash, but only one’s time and energy. All this income generating activity comes as a bonus to the clean and safe water we drink and use for domestic purposes all year round

The creative Income Generating Activity at Kamkwiyo Water Point shows the transformative power of community-led initiatives. By empowering women and fostering collective participation, the community of Kamkwiyo Village has not only secured access to clean water but has also strengthened community resilience in the face of challenges. Through collaborative efforts and innovative solutions, communities like Kamkwiyo continue to pave the way towards a healthier, more sustainable future.

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