Dowa Project: Meet Maggie

Introducing Maggie Paul, who began her journey as an area mechanic at 32 years old.

Previously, Maggie was on the water committee for her home village, but saw the opportunity to become a pump mechanic as a way to do more for her local community.

She enrolled with Pump Aid’s 24 month training programme, through which she learned the technical skills required to install, repair and maintain a variety of water points including household, afridev and irrigation pumps. She also learnt basic sales, marketing and book-keeping, which equipped her with the skills to run a successful business.

“I see hope of a brighter future with the knowledge and expertise I have acquired from this training because we have learnt to take this work of area mechanic as a business.”

Maggie now maintains water points across 30 villages in the Dowa district, ensuring clean water for all the residents whilst securing her own livelihood.

You can support more entrepreneurs like Maggie in this district by donating to the fundraiser in memory of Janet Alexander here.

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