Pump aid’s Impact in 2018

As we enter into the second half of 2019, we have finalised Pump Aid’s 2018 Impact Report for the previous year. In 2018 we continued and increased our emphasis on sustainability, by focusing on economic empowerment rather than aid distribution.

To achieve this, we take an entrepreneurial approach as to how we work in Malawi; by viewing those we work with as customers, not beneficiaries, and creating independence and not dependency. In this report, you will find three case studies showcasing our impact for our three key programmes of 2018; self-supply, pre-schools and urban entrepreneurs.

It is essential to assess the impact that we as an organisation have on the local communities we work in, and how we can continue to improve lives in Malawi. We envision a future free from water poverty, food insecurity and aid dependency. By empowering locals to become entrepreneurs and allowing ownership of resources, we create businesses, markets and ultimately, sustainability.

We hope you find Pump Aid’s 2018 Impact Report inspiring and informative. It’s certainly motivating us to keep on and make sure our impact in 2019 is even better.

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